meet Debbie!

Debbie J.

Debbie J.

I began my body piercing career while practicing nursing in North Carolina. I am proud to be a United States Air Force Veteran. I am a Colorado native.

I am a luminary (accomplished expert) in the field of piercing. I am the best in the industry and a consummate professional.

I began my piercing career in 1989. I began my tattoo career in 1992.

I opened Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo in May 2002.

Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo offers an intimate, private setting for body piercing and tattooing.

I am passionate about my profession and about protecting environmental/community health.

I work closely with the Douglas County Health Department to keep up with changing trends and regulations, also to stay informed of any health risks that sometimes arise in the industry or just in the community in general. Being well informed and educated is the best way to reduce risks.


10:00 am - 6:00 pm Tuesday thru Saturaday