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  Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo is the premier body art studio in Douglas County, Colorado. Established in 2002 and conveniently located between Parker, CO and Colorado Springs, CO to the north and south and between Castle Rock, CO and Elizabeth, CO to the east and west. We face north on Highway 86 on the southwest corner of Highway 86 and Parker Road.


Debbie is a Master Piercer. She has been doing body piercing (including ear piercing) since 1989. Debbie was in the medical field prior to and during the time she became a professional body piercer. It was through joining and serving in the United States Air Force that led to her career.
Debbie JohnsDebbie began tattooing 3 years after she began doing body piercing. Debbie took a natural interest in learning tattoo, given that art was her main hobby since childhood. She learned the art of tattooing while practicing professional body piercing in a friend's tattoo studio in North Carolina.

A List Winner


While Debbie and Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo have won many awards; the greatest awards are happy clients! When someone comes in and says that they were referred to us by a friend or family member, then we have been truly honored.


Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo offers a small but friendly, clean and comfortable setting.

When there are multiple artists or piercers in a studio, it is difficult, if not impossible to assure that EVERY ONE of them is performing with the highest safety precautions at all times.
While it can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment at the exact moment you want it at Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo, it is worth the wait! Debbie will do her very best to accommodate you.
Debbie works closely with the Tri-County Health Department to keep up with changing trends and regulations. And, to stay informed of any health risks that sometimes arise in the industry or just in the community in general. Being well informed and educated is the best way to reduce risks.

Debbie is a Colorado native. She lived out of the state for several years after joining the United States Air Force. Upon returning to Colorado, she worked for the phone company (U S West, Qwest) while practicing her arts in her home studio. As a single parent, she needed the benefits offered by the large corporation. When U S West merged with Qwest, she was caught up in the layoffs suffered by many. To Debbie, this was simply a sign that it was time for Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo to be born. The dream and the name of the business had been in her head for many years. Dynamic Piercing & Tattoo opened for business in May of 2002 in beautiful Franktown, Colorado.

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